All of our plots have electricity, water and antena and the right to enter one vehicle. Camping Trillas is a quiet, family-oriented campsite. We don’t accept groups of young people.

Mountain plots

The mountain plots are at the top of the campsite, about 10 minutes walking distance from the centre of the campsite. There is a regular trenet service to get around the campsite. There are toilets and showers, a playground and a cafe-creperie close to the plots.


  • *Mini plot: 10-20m2
  • *Small plot: 25-45m2
  • Medium plot: 50-70m2
  • Large plot: 70-100m2
  • 6A
  • Antenna connection
  • Water fountain (every two plots)
  • Well shaded
Fridge rental:
  • Large fridge: 9,00 € per night
We book fridges for a minimum of four nights.
*Not all mini and small plots have a water fountain and antenna connection.


  • Reception
    Camping Trillas
    Ctra. N-340, km 1.172
    Tamarit 43008